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Sister Mercy - lyrics

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You know baby
That you’ve been hurting me
And you can see it in my eyes
But I know that if you asked me
I’d be the one to testify
‘Cause a woman’s got the power
To take control of me
Well she can wrap me round her finger
And make a damn fool of me
I keep on pleading with my love but in vain
I’ve been hurting but I can’t stand the pain
Keep on pushing and you’ll drive me insane
I keep on telling you again and again
Sister mercy, keep on coming down on me
Sister mercy, any time that you set me free
Show me mercy, let me get up off my knees
Sister mercy have mercy
Oh have mercy on me
I wanna tell you honey
Ain’t the kind that would love and lie
And I don’t want to argue
And I don’t want no alibis
You keep me spinning like I’m under a spell
I try to hide it, girl you know me too well
I feel pressure when you’re squeezing me tight
Your teeth are shining when I turn out the light
Sister mercy, what are you trying to prove
Sister mercy, give it up you’ve got to turn me loose
Show me mercy, I’ve got nothing left to lose
Sister mercy have mercy
Oh have mercy on me
I’d like too look beyond her masquerade
I’m sure I’d find a way to make her change
‘Cause I can tell that girl ain’t quite so hard
My sister mercy’s gonna have a brand new start

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