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Crimson tears on my face
I try to call you again
But you're not here, my friend
It's too late
Your kingdom came
But you've left only the ruins
Behind you
On the lost highway of your life
You said - "My time is going to the end"
You said - "I don't want to live in a world of plastic flowers"
You said - "It's the last battle with myself"
You said... And then you've gone...
I'm so lonely here, but still feel you
And celebrate our crimson kingdom
Even though it had never existed
I don't believe in love
It blinds my eyes like it blinded yours!
It blinds my eyes, it blinds my eyes
Walls around my heart
So, goodnight my friend
Thank you for all and remember
Feelings never end, I'm still here
Deep down in their minds
Silent lament dies away
All of the tears of those
Who will never understand

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