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Burn This Town - lyrics

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Been on this road for miles and miles
To get right to this town
Gonna set the place alight
Gonna burn it to the ground
Gotta a lot to tell you all
So you'd better stick around
Cause when me and the boys get going
We'll blast you with our sound
Burn this town - burn it right to the...
Burn this town! Burn this town!
We're gonna burn this town - burn it right to the...
Burn this town - to the ground
Take a trip with us
We'll shake your heads
Our music is so loud
Make or break, give and take
We'll send you on the ground
No one tells us what to do
Or how we gotta play
We'll wrestle you down
And burn you up
You won't run, yeah, you'll stay
(Repeat chorus)
Ain't a place in hell that's hot enough
For us to live or die
Cause I'm always rockin' music
Make's us every bit of fire
You've heard the sound, you've seen us play
Oh you know it's no lie
So stand your feet and clap your hands
Get on your knees and pray
(Repeat chorus)
Gonna burn this town tonight!

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Burn This Town

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