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Dirty Rocker - lyrics

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She was a dirty rocker
She kept me out at night
I said come on baby
Come on and hold me tight
She really looks good
She really knew how to move all night
Come on - all night!
All night! All night!
Went over to her pad
We drank whiskey and gin
Rock'n roll together
I always knew she would win
She really turned me on
She really loved me good all night
I mean - all night! All night!
Oh yeah - all night! All night
She was a dirty rocker
Like with her blackended jeans
Greg Niel record collection
For she was so obscene
She really was a wild girl
She really was so good all night
I mean - all night - so come on!
All night! Yeah, yeah all night!
She was a dirty rocker!

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