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Hands Off - lyrics

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Red light burning bright
Think I'll go on the town tonight
Grit your teeth cause I don't care
Cause you are nothing, you'd better beware
I'm a man with blood in my veins
Don't want to be a prisoner out of his cage
I need a woman who can hold her own
So scratch my back right through to the bone
Hands off! Hands off! Hands off!
I want a girly, a long legged bitch
It makes no difference if she's poor or she's rich
If you're the one, then come with me
I'll show you how dirty I can be
I took you up and laid you down
So watch out honey, don't pull me around
I'm a time bomb ready to go
Don't light the fuse or you'll steal the show
(Repeat chorus)
(Repeat chorus)
TNT, dynamite
Ready and willing, just waiting to bite
Tommy the hawk, mack the knife
I've had them all on a saturday night
I want your body, I want it all
Come on baby, gonna have a ball
Sing and dance, shout and scream
Don't mess with me cause I'm really mean
(Repeat chorus)
Hands off!

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