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Her Mama Told Her - lyrics

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She's a shifter, a no ties drifter
Who lives her life from day to day
Who lost her way, she just don't say
What the trouble is that's made her this way
So secluded, not intruding
Makes no difference what you try and say
Full of sorrow, there's no tomorrow
Empty mind with an empty heart
Her mama told her
That she was a dreamer
Her mama told her
That she was a fool
Her mama told her
That she was a loser
Tried everything she could
Born a loser, can't be a chooser
Not a thing to call her own
It's so frustrating, it's so degrading
Looking out for the danger zone
Juristiction for her condition
Sent her away and then judged her a trial
So tormenting, so distressing
Discontent without any vile
(Repeat chorus)
Not afending, without pretending
She needs someone to shoot free, she hates
One in a million, I got a feeling
Brought together with a twist of fate
Undemanding and understanding
The kind of man who can give her good love
Unashamed and unrestrained
There's gotta be someone for her in this world
(Repeat chorus)

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