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Movin' Metal Rock - lyrics

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Rolling wheels, heavy engines grudge
We're on our way to you
We got the power and the feelings good
We got a job to do
Shifting miles and eating juice
We're gonna blast this land
Rockin' hard and livin' fast
Only rockers could understand
Metal rock-movin' through the midnight
A long way-hard way to rock
Metal rock- destination in sight
Movin', movin' metal rock
Into the cities where the bright lights shine
Gonna show and more
You've got to climb up from the dirt and
grime ...
Aiming high with double tops
Success is the name of the game
Watch out behind for the buck stop gluts
They're full of envy and got no shame
(Repeat chorus)
Move it!
Feeling down in a depressed town
We got some news for you all
We're going through it just the same as you
But metal rock's gonna see us through
(Repeat chorus)
Movin', movin' metal rock!

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