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My Vaccine - lyrics

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This is my vaccine from the world and all it's ignorance
Don't be afraid of the truth
The only way we will survive
Is to not ever let these fools blind our eyes
With their false sense of hope
Don't turn your back or let down your guard
You'll never see tomorrow
Prone to fear of wrath and torment
You hide your face
I don't wear a mask of lies to hide who I am
There's only devils out there
I see cowards everywhere
Devils out there
One day we'll find the answers
One day we'll know the truth
Till then I have this vaccine because there is no cure
Don't be afraid to live your life while alive
Our fate comes from within
Create your own immunity
I will take all my hate, my disdain for this world
Snap it's neck, leave it twisted and curled
This is my vaccine
There is no cure from this world of ignorance
Gutted of substance and wrought of indifference
I will not stand for this
This is my vaccine
There is no cure and there will never be
This is my vaccine

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