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Everything Stands in My Way (Noise/Beartooth .. - lyrics



I'm putting an end to you and every single thing you stand for
Your motives sicken me, you're always gonna be useless unless you change
I'll never give in, as long as there's a back in my body

I just don't give away
You're dead and it's all the same
Enough is enough
I'll rise above the pain
We stand as one, united in loyalty
We stand as one, united in loyalty

We march to the shadow of doubt, does it enter still?
But in the darkest of, there is help!

You took me, every sin
I hear your voice of lies
You turned your heart to sin
Put me down in the end
As you waste away
As you waste away

We made this of ourselves
Our family will rein supreme
We made this brick by brick so will you follow me?

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Demo - Noise/Beartooth

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