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Burn It Down - lyrics

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Nothing lasts forever, it’s the same old bag o’ tricks.
Nothing’s the same, nothing’s changed, ain’t life a fuckin’ bitch.
You cry and moan, you’ve got nothin’ to say.
Bad news, booted, heat is coming your way.
One more brick on the wall then we burn it down.
Time is coming on, you’re gonna hit the ground.
Burn, burn, burn it down, until there’s nothin’ at all. I ain’t a fool, oh!
Burn, burn, burn it down, you’re a king to a crawl. I ain’t a fool yeah!

Well I’m alive man ‘n’ I can see.
Cage is broken, setting us free.
One more crack of the whip and it all falls down.
One more trick of the wrist and you’re on the ground.
Burn it down, down to the ground ‘n’ start it over again.
Burn it down, down to the ground.
Feel the fire when the heat is on in the night.
Feel the fear when the hunt is on it’s a fight.
(Chorus) x2

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