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Sealed we womb ov night
yoni mudra - gesture ov might
that bowl ov sacrifice
filled with one drop ov blood -
oceans ov the earth
lap aloud wine of sabbath
icha-pushpa, fluid ov virgin
through the red sea leads our way
washing dead bodies in baptimazal power
in land ov the dead shall ye find thy god
in amminiotic waters ov space
the ring ov saturn embraced
we married time to fall
into the dephts
to loose here and now
yeah! hear ye howling Dakinis
unholy gathering ov mad mindforms
taboo transformations
into the sweetest tantra of anti-rules
our path is beyond pleasure and pain
with left hand I point the abyss
where Shasana Kali looks withe grace
I'm ready, the darkest goddess
slash! slash my head

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