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Infernal, terrestrial
Celestial, ever-changing…
The skies dyed red now
Basking in crimson
And solemn silence
As midnight sighs
Welkin turning
The stars descending
Such frail magic
As blackness veils thy eyes
A vessel of a deity
Untouched beauty
Thy sacred womb shall
Carry the grandest prize
Virginal conception
Of the dark mother
She governs the grim gates of death…
In exultation
I sense her coming
Like distant thunder
Thickening air
On thy breasts now
The obsidian serpent
Herald of the nightside
Reciting her names
She was there when Babylon fell
On Nineveh's final cry
On Troy's dying knell
And watching the Nazarene die…
We who wait veiled in the dark
Call out your name through the night (2X)
The queen shall rise now
The wait is over
She'll be reborn again to rule
This stranded earth
The queen shall rise now
The wait is over
She'll be reborn again to lead
Our mislaid hearts
Moon of a thousand forms
The terrible dark one
Infernal, terrestrial, celestial
Ever-changing mistress of the night
And behold the mystery and the majesty
Secret queen of a hundred fallen empires
Born out of the shadow of the moon
From beyond the birth of time
The woods whispered a woeful tune
Rustling leaves in autumn hues
Her steps imprint the nightfrost hoar

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Pantheon of the Nightside Gods