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Draw near and see now
Witness the things to come:
Seven seals are broken
White throne depraved and stained
Behold the beast now
The lash of iron rods
Seven heads and ten horns
The reign of one thousand years
Celestial violence now upon your wretched church
I set your world in flames
Lay waste your towering forts
I bring down all that you’ve built
I behead your foul souls
Et visum est aliud signum in cælo: et ecce draco magnus rufus habens capita septem
Et cornua decem; et in capitibus eius diademata septem; et super capita eius nomina blasphemiæ; et coronam satanae
Draw near and hear now
The mouth of dragon speaks:
Damnation will come
Wolves shall devour the lamb
Hour of the reaping
The war on nine fronts
Crucify the angels
And let the sulphur rain from skies
And the world shall be made anew
Purged from the tyranny of hatred and hypocrisy
Praise the one who sets us free
Magnify eternally
Wish upon the morning star
All shall be redeemed
When horned saviour calls
Nam gloria Lucifer

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Pantheon of the Nightside Gods