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Pantheon of the Nightside Gods - lyrics

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We are nothing but mere shadows in the gloom
Lone wraiths that wane into the unrelenting void
Kings of old all gone and scattered in the wind
For the mighty and the poor, all shall fall
Through the nothingness we drift, falter and decay
Without your stellar omnipotence guiding our trail
Your voice shall tremor through the everlasting halls
In the echoes of your steps, we shall never be astray
Yours is the song that resounds in the streams and winds
Yours is the song woven into the fabric of the night
Ye shall…
Darken the sun
Turn the moon to blood
Put out all the stars
Tear the heavens down
Tablets of creation
Shall be made anew
Devastating furor
Sanctifies the world of worms
We who wait veiled in the dark
Call out your name through the night
We who wait in the dark…

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Pantheon of the Nightside Gods