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Fine Without You - lyrics

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[Verse 1]
If you spent all your life
Comparing yourself to her
Eventually you will find
There's no one like you in this world
I know it's hard
I know it's hard to understand
But you've got to let it go
The situation's out of your hands
[Verse 2]
If you spend all your life
Chasing after him
Eventually you will find
It never was right to begin
Sometimes I feel like I've been living a lie
I always try
But it was never enough
It got so tough out there without you
And now I pace alone in my room
Wondering how to be fine without you
Fine without you
Fine without you
[Verse 2]
If you spend all your life
Wasting all of your time
Eventually you will drive
Yourself out of your mind
[Refrain] + [Chorus]
Timing was off, feelings got caught
Now I can't quit, it makes me sick
Said and done
I can't have fun, I'm not fine without you

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