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When Will I Change - lyrics

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[Verse 1]
The weight of the world
Crushes down on my shoulders
I'm a big girl now
But I don't feel much older
I think of the end
It plagues my mind all of the time
I wish that I had a friend
Who would just tell me I'm fine
Tell me I'm fine
It's not that bad
And I have no reason to be sad
But I find a way
Almost everyday, I stay this
When will I change?
When will I change?
[Verse 2]
It's not that I want more
It's just that I want what I paid for
This feelings they are degrading
I just don't really get the meaning
Get the meaning
[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus x2]
[Outro] x4
Visions of hope, visions of love
More than before, I want them to come

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