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don't you tell me what to do with my life
don't you tell me to put down that knife
don't you tell me you know how i feel
don't you tell me what i see ain't real
don't you tell me i gotta gotta give more
don't you tell me i gotta lot to live for
cause i've never felt love and i stay so broke
oh my god my life is a joke
20 long years and nothing to show
but a hundred empty bottles and a drowned out soul
when i think about all the things i've missed
would i even bleed if i slit my wrist
if nothing else comes out my veins
at least i'll see my soul escaping this pain
now i'm crying and i'm trying to catch my breath
the only thing left for me is death
don't you tell me you've been there before
you've never even had your foot out the door
don't you tell me how much you care
the angel's calling and i'm not scared
don't you tell me that things'll get better
don't you tell me one day i'll forget there
was ever any reason to contemplate
i made up my mind now it's too late
the voices say they can show me the way
i'm listening i'm leaving today

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