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As We Rot...(Promises of Heaven) - lyrics

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Born into this world to be a burden in your life
Sent to feast upon your hopes and dreams
Draining your soul, I grow stronger every day
Laughing at your desperate silent screams
Living in your flesh, slowly killing to survive
Through your soulless body I will rise
Wasting your being, you're my only source of life
Bonded by a union of demise
No way to win this time
Nowhere to hide
Killing you from inside
Parasitic life
Consuming every vital source and spreading my disease
Suicide's your only choice left
Hiding in agony, I choke you from within
Strike you down before you lay to rest
Crawling back into your guts to make my final stand
Yet another corpse I left behind
Born into this world to be a burden in your life
The parasite's still breathing in your mind

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