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Baptized in Blood and Greed - lyrics

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Rise up! This world will end in fire
And blood, spilled from corrupted liar
Wake up! They 're selling us salvation
Fake peace, eternal soul's damnation
Manipulate the masses
Do nothing but deceive
They force their laws of terror
False idols to believe
Cast down the sinful breed
Bloodstained lies concealed
Baptized in blood and greed
Fight Back! Don't let their plague grow stronger
Resist, their raw and violent order
Attack! Traces of blood will follow
Your path! Forget your pain and sorrow
They turn your hopes to ashes
And push your dreams to dust
Look closer to their faces
And see their evil past
Lying bastards preaching fear in the name of God
Evil ways of tyranny, a contract signed with blood
Reign of terror, death and war, means for domination
Screaming victims sacrifised, complete annihilation
Blood! Greed!(x8)

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