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Eyes are shut and hands are tied
Fear is growing deep inside
Where am I, what have I done?
...Am I the one?
All I hear is people scream
Someone wake me from this dream
Heard about this, now I see
...what I will be
I defied
The lord of lies
In their eyes
Free to choose I'll be no more
Once the preacher slams the door
Evil men behind the wall
Watching as I lose my soul
Now, as I become
The enemy
My freedom lost
I cannot think
I see no truth
I know no right
I'd rather die
Now the preacher says "it's fine"
"I will cure your wicked mind"
In his hand a cross-shaped blade mind will fade
"Feel the light of Jesus Christ"
"Search for answers in the sky"
As the cross pierces my skull brain goes null
I defied
The lord of lies
In their eyes
All my memories fade away
Will this be my final day?
Will I praise a god of shit?
Kneel before a lying creed?
Waking up, a whole new world lies before my feet
Slave of God I have become, the truth is now revealed
But deep inside me something's wrong, how did it come to this?
Can't remember anything, my past has been concealed
In this room of empty walls where people are reborn
With a cross inside their heads, their memories are torn
Holy man or psychopath, who whispered in my ear?
Who made my nightmares come true, my free will disappear?

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