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Life's Lace - lyrics

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Oh how I hope that you'll remember
All our days in the sun
Summer's leaves in autumn's breeze
And the songs to you I've sung
Words in lines of their design
Branching into space
The quivering face of Life's Lace
Of those songs there are two recall
The patterns of dead leaves
Shaped perhaps within the steps that parted lovers leave
Soft silent in the sand where the moonlight trace
The quivering face of Life's Lace
Of je voudrais que tu te souviennes
Dans la nuit froide de L'oubli
Ces deux chansons qui nous ressemblent
Tout doucement sans faire de bruit
Les feuilles mortes me rappellent
Les chansons que je te chantais
Pass l'automne vienne l'hiver
Tu vois je n'ai pa oublié
Les souvenirs et les regrets aussi

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