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Cathedrals - lyrics

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How many years since I last saw you, the innocence in my closet ?
It doesn't mean more since you are gone.
Keep watching: I failed you at shining, I failed you at breathing, I failed you at growing alone.
Fuck your purity.
You still punish me with a smile.
Hundred nails on your casket and you still punish me with a smile.
Always learn.
On the wrong side of the beam, a bunch of rafters to unravel.
The carpenters of the unseen destroying frameworks of evil.
Always burn it all to the ground When it speaks in tongues of faith and rust.
We're cathedrals in flames, we're cathedrals of dust.
When I fight for myself I can fight for us.
You punished me with a smile.
I once was your slave, once your lover, once a fraud, once your mirror.
A smile to hide the insides, as if our insides had limits.
I'm drooling, I'm sweating, I'm pissing, I'm shitting my feelings on green carpets of love In your Eden of teeth.
It's our garden now, I see no forbidden fruit.
It's our garden now, I see no necks under your boots.
I'll feel at home again.
Millions of hands craft the gates of a world to change.
Under silver wings, angels of abandon still dancing. They dance and they'll never stop.
We'll live of all the things we don't know we ignore. The angels of abandon, they'll be waiting some more.
Fight for us.

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Gris Klein