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I still remember the time
When the sky was so blue.
And warm April wind
Reminded me of you.
Now everything's gone,
Pain is blurring my sight
I don't fucking care,
I leave this world tonight.
The time has come. The final words
Have to be said, unspoken for so long.
I am sick of muted cries of despair
That go unheard. I was clinging
On my last gleam of hope.
You have given to me an illusive chance
For happiness. So sweet, so deceitful.
So many scars, so many endless nights,
Longing for your distant touch
I'm never meant to feel.
The fragments of lost letters in the thousand miles,
Scattered like ashes of that cold summer.
No more reason to struggle, I'm falling even deeper
In the claws of disheartenment.
Every breath I take seems poisoned,
Every tear I shed leaves a burning trace.
Give me the final answer: Why?....
And I will peacefully fade away
Into the sky. And my suffering soul
Will dissolve in the wind
Finally free from this endless pain.
I can't stand this torment no longer
Endless hate and hopelessness tearing my veins.
Why? Why?...
...Endless hate and hopelessness tearing my veins.
I am bidding my farewell.
Never reply to it
Don't kill my last joy,
Before I go I want to feel
The blooming beauty of spring again.
I'm closing my eyes for last time
And I feel gentle wind caress my skin,
I still remember...

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