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I Morgen Er En Ny Natt - lyrics

(under tomorrow
I wake
not as a man
but born anew)
we speak as one...
our darkness shall
eclipse the light
of the midday sun
swelling like the night
before a new day has dawned
my word is firm,
firmer than sleep
or the strength of heroes
for the world lain ripe
and unknowing before me
Thy voice
of earthly form
a vessel of thy maleficence
blackened by thy word
to shape and wither the world
our darkness shall
eclipse the light
of the midday sun
to erase what's been sown
to change what may come to be
to rewrite what is known...
Thus it is with the grandeur
of ages past
that we shall step from the path
onto the course of causes
both malefic and benign
with darkness at our side
flowing into perpetuity
the future that lay before
and the remnants of what lay behind
for few have seen
what we have seen
and few have been
where we alone have been
so we shall go on
existing evermore
live long wilds of the world
and know that we are watching
for tomorrow brings a night without day
and a realm of day without light
We shall feast on the world at the end of times
our darkness shall consume
the light of the sun
extinguishing mans creation
a heralding of the aeon to come

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