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"I Hate Creepers" - lyrics

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I was on my way back from a long long dig,
My pockets were packed full of diamond goods,
I couldn't wait to get back to my home,
and show my wife the stuff that I had found,
but soon, I was shocked, to see my house had gone.
It's a creeper,
hes staring at me,
and hissing with gleee
cause hes a creeper
He messed up my house
and blew up my spouse
cause hes a creeper
whats the point of his life
he never had a wife
cause hes a creeper
but thats just hes thing
hes a griefing king
I hate creepers X3
So I began to rebuild my sweet home,
Collected all the stone and wood I need
Moved on back toward the building site
but got stopped by the sight of green,
Struck by deja vu, to see the rest had gone.
... Creepers you're all going to die, now that I've crafted this bow.

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