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Bring me back the cross,
Seed of the impure duty conspiracy.
Thousand of souls died for it
I‘m the avenger of his name
Take me back the cross and I proclaim you
The mesiah of the sky,
The cerverus of abbeys
They pull me off like rabid animals
In the name of infamous
The infected, not death, not alive
Hungry bodies, corrupts minds to serve
To the obscure: The plague
They came like wispers in a dream,
Seducing my soul, biting my heart, sheding my eyes.
They took the cross with Narshe,
In the north of plains.
Go there, take me the cross
And I’ll pay you with eternal live
A narrow defile leads at the gates of Narshe
in front of me....
No more pain, no more fear,
The power of an immortal existence.
Kill the plague, take the cross
The village is in calm, nobody around
Finally, the plague, the infected.
They like more normal people,
But layer can’t close my eyes,
They are the evil.
The massacre begins,
I kill every of those that sold his existence to filth
Cutting their members, I eat their sins without contemplations
The immortal plan in my heart, the cross,
Those who still are “no alive”
Swear in the name of god, why?
I don’t mind, I have the cross,
I have the hope, the power is mine,the power is mine!!!
take me’re into a way of eternity
Fool, I’m the seven’s head beast, The bitch of the creation I’m the black angel why has finished
I’m the seven’s head beast,
The bitch of the creation
I’m the black angel...........I‘M THE PLAGUE!!

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Obscure Aurea Celestium