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Brought to work, to die in chains, bloody wounds by lash
Gone but not forgotten is, the past of the life in the far
Endless days of sweat and tears, falls down on the ground
Made to stand in aching pain, and serving their masters again
Vengeance comes to his mind, so tired of this way
As just a drop of oil in the colonial machinery
This have to end
Slaves & masters - ruling their lives by heartless greed
Slaves & masters - the freedom fades in their way
Spread apart from family, and no respect is shown
Could as well be dead and buried, down in the core of the earth
This have to end
Tried to talk some sense into, the evil lashing man
Threatened back with violence, tho this time he's had all enough
Years of pain has taken count, hardened to the core
It's time to show the inner self, and reclaim his freedom again
The end is near

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