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Would you open the door
Son I know the way
Soon a flickering light
Will grow
Leave it to me now.
Would you open the door
Enter the here and now
A new horizon
You'll rise you'll fall
And learn to live
Keep the faith - keep the pace
Your soul's like water but
Your fate is like the wind
Here is the new order
Hope shall be your guide
Praise the new order
Now let my spirit go
Do you remember
When we were moon knights?
We've slain the dragon
In the room
Now you see the future
Your quest the truth
How will it end up
I really do not know
This is no wonderland
Just keep in mind
Like a spell in certain books
Time will change it all
Away - oh please embrace me
Away - I will be gone
I'll take a look to see
What lies beyond
The break of dawn
Would you open the door
There is so much more to say
Keep the faith
Keep the pace.
Your soul's like water, but
Your fate is like the wind.
Here is the new order...
Will you remember the old rule?
Will you fulfill this sacrifice?
Done for the future
Space for the new
How will it end up?
That's up to you
You're on the bridge -
On the borderline
No matter how
You'll never ever leave it
Here is the new order...
Times will change
The soul's like water and
Like rain it will return
Live on in healing rain
The past shall find release

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