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Blue Abyss Odyssey - lyrics

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Through The Crystal Sea I'll sail
And the sun will be my guide
On the way to those shining islands
I will reach my Fate
The souls of my crying land
Call my name from the light blue sky
Praying for a new destiny
to the whole earth
But the wild waves are rising
and all my crew is dying
the evil now pierce my heart
The ocean storms my young ship
I am the last survivor
in this eternal epic quest
The angels, guardians of my fate
Have saved my soul from depths
In this blue abyss odyssey
I will reach diamond islands again.
Till my death I will not give up
If I had to, I would extinct the sun
And the sharp of the shining blade of my sword
will reflect my rage
The tears of my wasted reign
Wets my face from the dark blue waves
and the notes of a silent symphony
Rises high my soul
I reached the magic citadel
The guardians of one white orb
Saved me from a painful death
The battlefield is waiting
we must stop de invasion
the demons want to reach the stone

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