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As Rapture Fades - lyrics

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Destiny, once more
Cruelly tears my life apart
Don't bring that pain
To my aching heart
As fate descends
Impassive discontent
Rains down on me
If this is coma
Let me see the other side
Mis is shrouding my aura
As I sense reality fading
Trance is my only escape
Is it fate?
My rapture fades
Yeah? Then I must find a meaning
Why I exist
Tell me, tell me more, reveal to me
Do we live again?
Show me, show me truth, is there hope?
Hope to ever break free
On the other side
I'll know what to do
I won't be missed
Let me go and I'll co-exist
Please reveal the truth to me
Without that harmony
Will my rapture really fade?
Is it fate?

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