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Love in a song - lyrics

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Love in a song, the only thing they said I could rely on;
To lay my bones down, lay down boy you're home again
The lamp, the locket, candle and the pen
Love in a song, I've written it before it won't take very long;
The nib will dig a hole and beckon forth once more
To wrap me in its warm and bolt the door
Someone's singing to you, in a song
A mantra often told, a cross to lay upon;
The strings that tie me softly pry my hands from you
To steal away before the night is through
Love in a song, I stand among the crowd prepared to sing along;
The dusty air congeals, a lump that seals my truth
But I won't hear it anymore
Beyond the steeple, she waits for me
In her robes, like a ghost;
In awful silence, she screams to me
It must be love

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