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Pale Machine - lyrics

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I'm feeling good let's say
My emptiness has gone away
I just woke up today
Eat my corny flakes for you
Good morning, how's the weather dear?
My feelings are so clear
I just wanna be with you
Doing what you do, always
Show me how to live
Just a perfect life
(Manmaru manmaru)
Pleasure in every move we make
Perfect every time
(Manmaru manmaru)
Will you lead me straight to paradise
Will you feed me
Everything is nice here
Kanji ga ippai, ame ga furitai desho
Hold me, i'm a pale machine
Life is just OK out here, anyone can see
I'm lonely, with my pale machine
Eyes will run with tired tears
Leaving like a dream
I'm born anew, my fingers push the buttons
Thoughts come through now
Akachan mitai, mama sama ga ippai desho

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Pale Machine

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