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v1: I ride across the desert
my destination is unknown
I've got to save her life
She's under a spell and her eyes are closed
I find a dusty bridge
I make my way across it's span
I find a temple there
and so I bring her inside
v2: And so the light above
it's voice speaks down about some myth
that I have come to know
It wants me to be the hero
I'm shown the statues here
they represent the higher ones
the ones whose lives shall perish
and I will be the one
B: I will save your life, one at a time
I will save your soul, I will take control
CHORUS: You will fall down to me,
Even if I have to crawl to the top
and take you down myself
I will be your defeat,
so when you rise to the top
Say hi to the ground for me (x2)
v3: I've come to last one
I haven't stopped to take a breath
Many statues crumbled
after I have taken their life for good
Don't think you'll kill me
I've got a few under my belt
I'll bring you down, yeah
BRIDGE: You're colossal
I am a man
I will take you down
with my bare hands

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