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Roll 'em Up - lyrics

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v1: I am a prince, I got a king
and he wants me to roll up everything
He's super huge, and I'm a little guy
gotta make em big, so I'm gonna try
b: No one wants to get rolled up and I understand
It's kind of scary when you get attacked by
a giant ball!
c: Roll em up, make it big
Take no prisoners, for the king
v2: I roll up a paper clip, I roll up a big blue ship
I roll up your grandma, yeah the one with the bad hip
I roll up the mountains, I roll up the highways
I roll up the islands, yeah theres no delay
(b2)[b, pretty soon I'm gonna roll up the galaxy
and then my king will be so proud of me]
CHORUS: I'm gonna roll the world up
I'm gonna have it in my hands
Don't you see, we need a new galaxy
just give us all your things
and you will see
v3: I roll up the ocean, I roll up the rainbows
I roll up your neighborhood, closeout sale everything goes
I roll up your family, yeah even the ones below
I roll up your cats and dogs, all the doors and all the windows

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