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v1: I'm on my way to work today
It's long long far away
underneath the earth
It's where we work
There is a strange man
and he's looking right at me
not saying a word
I swear I heard him
say.... hello... I'm a scientist
V2: Today is the big day
I'm gonna get a big raise
after all the tests
I'll be the best
scientist whoever lived
I'm gonna win the nobel prize
When my theory works
I'll get the perks
When I... become... the best scientist
B: But theres something wrong in the
test chamber today
I opened up a rift to a planet
A place where an alien race resides
and now they are here in the lab
v3: I wake up from a bad dream
Oh crap it really is real
everybody's gone
or are they here
I can't really tell
but the creatures left they look like hell
I have to try an escape
before I die a young... and smart... scientist.
Bridge: The guy I saw before, he's followed me around
Everywhere I go, Everywhere I go
He offered me a job, I don't know what to do
but I don't care, I don't care

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This Is Me

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