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The Rim of the Sky - lyrics

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v1: I look upon the blade before me
It calls the rules, I kneel before thee
Your life feels threatened, so you cut down to lessen
All of those who are below you
v2: Escaping fire I break from these chains
Consuming lives, the many are slain
Why was I chosen, out of the dozen
I'm a dead man who was set free
Chorus: The Rim of the Sky it keeps on burning
My feet in the snow they keep on running
v3: Fighting wars that are so pointless
Territories aren't so worthless
I'm in the middle, of something wicked
All of us should band together
[CHORUS]+ The sound of my voice it shouts with power
and all of the demons they are cowards
Ending: The rim of the sky it keeps on burning x4

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