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v1: When I was a boy I learned that I wasn't from around here
I thought I belonged here but where I'm from it's very different
v2: When I left what was my home I did it with a purpose
I will fight for good with what strength that I possess
b: Theres an evil lurking, outside of these walls
if only I could fight...
Bridge: I've got time, time on my side x2
v3: There was a princess whom I saw through a window
Then I saw a man who I dreamt tried to kill her
[B, Bridge]
CHORUS: Then the man wanted to kill everyone
He took the princess hostage on a midnight run
But he doesn't know me and my horse that I ride
I got my sword and my shield that I use with pride
I got my boomerang and a slingshot too
and he doesn't even know who I am
v4: I fought through the dungeons and now I've come back to the castle
I've got to fight this monster if I want to save the princess
[B, Bridge, CHORUS]

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