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Wasting Your Time - lyrics

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v1: I am walking around the world
There is much to see
I was thinking about other people
who don't even know what they could be
CHORUS: You're wasting your time x4
So come with me and I'll show you what I know
Shield your eyes, Shield your eyes
Cuz I don't think that you're ready
To see the world, To see the world
v2: I am watching all the changes
There are many different views
I was thinking about other people
who would die if things they would lose
Bridge: Try to change the way you are
You did so much to get this far
Try to think of lesser things
Then you will notice a change
Try to lend a helping hand
Maybe then they'll understand
Try to give up everything
Try to give up everything
[So come with me... etc]
The End

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