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Oh Glory in the Void - lyrics

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Oh Glory in the Void
You swing so sweet
From your afternoon Rope in the sunset
In your Silence
Over Playgrounds lost long ago
In your Suburbs
Where the school-shootings wiped us all out
In your Corridors
Your God lives in the deep at the end of a slope
Waiting for you to loose your foothold and slide
And He has so many ways to hunger
So many eager organs to Use
So many glands secreting fluids
To dissolve your whiteness and purity
To Metabolize your Futures and Fates
Just because He can and you bet He will...
Scorn, go hate your own breed
All you children know where spiders come from
And all must Honour the thin pale Limbs probing the cave floors
Bleak days come, Endless
Bleak days come, Endless
No, you never had a clue
What the real Outside meant
On the outside of the Hull
In the cancerogenous rays
You were the First of us to fail
And you fought to no avail
No, you never stood a chance
No, you never had a clue
Scorn, go hate your own breed

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