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Seven Teeth Playfair (Out of the Pit of Obliv.. - lyrics

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Host to a vessel to the Swarm
The immaculate, indifferent intruders
You must be, I'm sure you'll be Calm
Peaceful, now
You will bow down
Submit yourself
Keep your head down
And wake
Into the mornings
Into the pale dawns
In the bright light
The deep gloom
Of your waywardness
And your pitifulness
You're so small now
Under the microscope
A waste of time and space
Angels in white
Swarm in their nests
Behind or outside
The armoured glass
The naked bars
The cold walls of Heaven
Leaving their fortress only
With their needle hands high
And their prying gazes
Seeing everything within
Through doors forever shut
Better the silence you know
Than the Deaf
Quiet Chatter,
Constant batter pouring
Out of their faces, out of their eyes
So bond to
The Family
You are diseased
Flawed and worthless
Tarnished and broken
None of you count
Strange little babies are born every hour
Twisted, convulsive and foul
The magic that lives in the frontal lobes
Tourettic, divided, unknown
You end your suffering here and now
In the playground of Seven Teeth
''All ghost stories
Must end now.
As fact, any and all stories
That have been told
About this house and
Its history must be
Reframed and explained
That its not true about
This house being haunted.
This presence has caused
Major anxiety for several
Of our residents and is
Greatly effecting their
Mental well-being and stability.''
Sleep with us now
Hold the hundreds within
All the wasted
Under the knife
Safe and sound
In their places
Playing with your treasures now
Hidden in plain sight
Shovel the dirt with your
Bare hands, bare hands
Run the procedure
Office hours, breakthroughs
Cost effective visionary
Frontier research
Stabilize and end the pain
All worries
Will wither out
You'll be as new
Please let them cure
Your pre-frontal lobes
We reach in through the eyes
We go in just below the eyelid

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