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Varmint Soul - lyrics

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Evolving vermin in the dry grit
Locust sociology
Hunting dust
In the dead plains
Unfolding morphology
Cover footprints
Cover faces
In the dying wind
In the silent inner core
Let the starving
Come to me, bow to me, pay me my dues
I'm a cruel god, but lustful
And nothing can part us now. We are like one
Killing shadows
In the dry fields
Where the dead surface under the plow
Bones collecting bones
Under the cold sun
Etching their useless names
Into the crust of earth
Let the starving
Come to me, bow to me, give me my share
I'm a harsh god, but a just god
Give me your suffering. We are like one
Under / the radar / tiny / like insects
Harmless / but legion / in your moisture /in the salt beds
Let the starving
Fly, fly, fly, fly in the end
I'm a mute god, but joyful
Give me your harvest and give me your lands, vermin
Breed for me, breed for me, breed for me now, vermin
Breed, breed, breed for me now

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Vermin Soul