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Among the Vultures - lyrics

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Cast away by my brothers
Stripped of all I know
Left to die and decompose
A million miles from home
After all is said and done
I commence to walk alone
Walk till I fall on broken bones
Circling around me
Waiting to pick at my flesh
Walking through the desert
They seem to know my fate
With every step I take
My wounds create pure agony
Sun is beating at me
Slowly picking me apart
Among the vultures
Is where I will lay
Led to the devour with no strength
I kick them away
Vacant eyes pierce
At my dying remains
Among the vultures
Their claws are in my skin
My flesh is hanging from their mouths
But I feel no pain
I am waiting to slip away
The sounds of misery
Decay away into the dirt
Among the vultures
Refusing to submit

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