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BiggestLetdown - lyrics

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whoever say they do it hasn't ever seen me do it thats just apparent
i hate myself i agree thats a sentiment that we sharing
you should never be content with your shit
matter of fact you should be embarrassed
let me clarify for the camera
bones don't acknowledge negative gestures
i don't reply to knock off banter
no i don't drink if its not organic
no i don't smoke if its not outstanding
bitch i been cashed too many years in the basement
impossible to face me the dark made me faceless
a cold white hand coming out the vast blankness
me im only seen when i wanna see their faces
years worth of hits what you sittin on aint shit
pack up the flows head out on the road do as many shows
as you can cuz i promise time will go
faster than you've ever seen it before
goodbye to the seconds farewell to the minutes
today you were found tomorrow you missing
you know that i see through ya
you know theres nobody you foolin
bones on the hunt again and i dont know just how hes planning to do ya
you know i will eventually find you
you know i've always been the kind to hold onto grudges
and keep them inside until these planets collide
fuck what you heard unless you heard it from me
we dont deserve a thing let alone a chance to breathe

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