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EyeForAnEye - lyrics

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who do it everyday bones you are so not in my league no
i bring it back for the team oh every time that i leave home
bring that 400 degreez die then cryogenically freeze
to them its the same but its different to me
my pattern of breathe is like waves in the sea
if they ever leave i promise you would see
the things you dont notice are things that you need
theres not too much things that get to me
other than light when it leak through the trees
one look into my eyes will not peak into me
need more than your vision to feel what i be
quick to yell action know sesh make a scene
if you need an edit i will cut you then leave
got you so money now got you a manager but you still aint shit
think that the tables have turned for you but bitch you still aint this
nothing of substance speak about nothing
i get on shit and i run it like runyon
teamsesh scum come straight from the dungeon
no matter where you go hear my voice "stop running"

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