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It all seemed so simple
When I was just a boy
When wrong or right
Was clear as black and white
And the answers I had them all

If I knew then what I know now
I wouldn't know much at all
But I'd know when to take a stand
And how to rise from a fall
Coz I know I can't win them all
But you keep going
When there's nothing left to do

As the years have passed me by, I've
Stopped asking why I'm here
I was young and full of dreams
All these plans and big ideas
But now I can see
There's no hope for me

Memories are fading
How did I end up here
I'm doing my best to forget the past
Because the pain's too much to bare

See I'm not a bitter man
But I think I've had my share
Of put downs and shit hands
It can only get better from here
It's never hit by miss
It can't get any worse than this

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