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Start Beliving - lyrics


Another door closes
A window does the same
Tomorrow's another chance
Just like it was yesterday

One step forward two steps back
I'm on path but I've lost track
Of where I'm heading

Keep on moving, can't count steps
Can't stop thinking - no regrets
Following this rocky road
To a dead end I know

There's no answers here to find
It's like the deaf leading the blind
It's dark before the dawn

I gotta stop this dreaming
Because I'm not sleeping
And might be easer
To leave this all behind

I gotta stop this feeling
I gotta start believing
That it might be easier, might be easier
To leave this all behind

Sometimes I take a stand
When I should sit down
Sometimes I must be heard
When I should really stop and learn

I'm trying to be a better man
It's not easy in this town
Done everything I can

Lies and greed all around
Bought and sold the biggest amount
Makes me sick, to be a part of it
Another fucking hypocrite
I bought the lies, I paid the price
They've bleed me dry
But now I'm wise
I won't be fooled again

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