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I Never Know - lyrics

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Nobody knows
just how they can find you
you got sand
on your face on your feet
the desert inside you
you don't care
if they not far behind
they not within your view
there'z a place
to the east in the sun
where nature can hide you
i never know
who you were
where you are
i'll never tell
where you are
nobody knows
who you were
where you are
why should they care
there'z a man
on the street
who's singing a mantra
in his eyes
he can see to your soul
don't let him get closer
take a walk
but far from the road
so no one can see you
don't look back
on your life you belong
where ever you want to
on and on
you look for a way that
supposed to bring answers
you got rain
on your face on your feet
the ocean inside of you
someone said
that they think they have seen
somebody look like you
there'z a star
in the sky to the north
that's waiting to follow you

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