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Backstabber - lyrics


Let me take you on a trip down memory lane
The core reason I exist today
My hatred for her – the eternal pain
The lies – they’re all the fucking same
So here’s the truth about who I really am
You probably couldn’t fucking understand
If you’ve been treated like shit then you will comprehend
I’ll fuck sluts until the bitter end
Backstabber – she’s just a fucking slut
Backstabber – she’s just a lying slut
Backstabber – now I know they’re all the fucking same
Backstab her

And now she’s the one I choose to point the blame
So believe me when I said I tried
There was something evil, dark inside
Full of hate, hypocrisy
Hand me the blade lets watch her bleed
The truth is I won in the end ‘cause I’ve now fucked all of your best friends
So many sleepless nights wishing you were dead
So many visions of you in my head
I just keep wishing you were fucking dead
Breathe – just breath
Fucking bleed
When I think about her I end up feeling confused as fuck
What the fuck was I thinking?
Man, I should’ve known never to trust a cunt
But as men we grow and learn from our past mistakes
The grass is long now but I can still see the snakes
Now the tables have turned and now I know none of that shit was my fault
So feel the wrath of my anger bitch
Full force this is my torturous assault

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