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Crusader - lyrics

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Seeds are sown in the minds of men
Blood is spilt in name of the godsend
A fire is lit to burn the earth
Blazing so high to increase the hurt
Fight fire with fire with fire with fire
Holding on to my common sense.
Fight fire with fire, the whole world burns
Out for blood in the age of death
Under the veil of your gods push the bloodshed
War to control, to protect, to invest
Lies to control, put the masses to rest
With hate in their hearts, hate in their souls,
the lie of treat, the lie of common goals
Conditioned through words from poisoned tongues,
force to believe, forced along in war
Harvest the thoughts in the minds of men
To justify bloodshed again and again
Of hating each other to push your crimes
Crusades veil the ending of time
The whole world burns

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