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Eyes Of The World - lyrics

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Pounding harshness, with will to kill, seeds are sown
Looking back, looking forward, we're too far gone
Feeding frenzy, fueled by profit, ever take
Consequences now revealing slowly lead into the flames
Ticking timebomb. Perish in the heat
Ticking timebomb. Programmed for defeat
Ticking timebomb. Dying in the floods
Ticking timebomb. Revenge for what's been done
Eyes of the world, eyes of the world
Look into the eyes of the world
Eyes of the world. Eyes of the world
Will there be time to save this?
Decayed and old she's bleeding
See only death in the eyes of the world
World collapsing, infected life lead to it's fall
Earth's in seizure, bleeding empty, killing all
Heartbeats away from dying decay

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